Best Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Items 2022

Best Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Items 2022

Nordstrom has its annual Anniversary sale starting now, so before they sell out, you can clear out your cart in minutes on great deals like La Mer, Elemis, Living Proof, Olaplex, Benefit, and more.

This year’s anniversary sale is going to be a wild one. While Nordstrom cardholders had access to the sale early (starting July 15), everyone else got in the game at the beginning of July. Now that we’re all in for next year’s sale, it wouldn’t hurt to become a cardmember so you can start shopping 9 days earlier than everyone else!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2022 Skin-Care Deals

Stock up on the beauty products you use every single day this sale because Nordstrom discounts these top-selling items like Kiehl’s Creme de Corps — so it’s a great time to buy.

Not only will there be plenty of savings, but also it’ll be prime time to try new products, like the Best of Beauty-winning NuFace Trinity. La Mer is always one of the first brands to sell out and who can blame them? We certainly can’t. This year, two of the sets they’ve created just for the sale are Radiant Hydration Set and Endless Transformation Set. The former rings in at just under $100 and features four minis that constitute an entire skin-care routine, from cleanser to facial oil.

You’ll notice that the latter features The Concentrate which is actually the first time this specific product has been featured in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale — so get it while it’s hot!

If you’re a huge fan of Kiehl’s classic Crème de Corps like we are then you’ll be excited to know that the brand offers giant, one-pound refill pouches made with 81 percent less plastic packaging than their flagship Creme de Corps bottle! Stock up on enough for several weeks

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2022 Makeup Deals

We’re excited about getting back into our makeup bags, and it’s been a tough one. Some of our favorite brands are sparking much-needed inspiration in this department and serving up tons of great sets for us to try and for you to check out.

You’ll find the newly debuted Anniversary Sale from Westman Atelier is just one brand at $40, but you’ll get two full-size balms to mix and match at your leisure. The Nars Orgasm Blush is another cult-favorite because it works across all skin tones so well. It’s buildable, lightweight, and on sale right now — you can avoid paying full price with this duo!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2022 Hair-Care Deals

Whether you’ve been experimenting with different hair colors or overdoing the heat styling now that you have more engagements to attend, it’s always a good idea to treat your hair to some well-deserved TLC.

Special sets from brands like Olaplex and Briogeo provide the products you need for a deeply hydrating and strengthening at-home session. Plus, with discount codes in play, it’s an ideal time to upgrade your hot tools- make it a sale that won’t go away! The Olaplex Bond Maintenance Set is back again because this package really is just too good of a deal to pass up.

This trio of products will bring healthy new life into bleached/colored strands, and leave it feeling silky smooth from root to tip. Just follow up with No. 3 Hair Perfector after 10 minutes and enjoy healthy, shiny locks for many months ahead!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2022 Fragrance & Candle Deals

Nordstrom is giving you one of the strongest fragrances for summer in a set that includes some amazing candle sets as well. There are many scents to choose from, and the candles are determined by your preference. One name stands out from the rest: Nest. They have made some phenomenal candles with their incredible variety that will complement any room in your home or office.

One fragrance stands alone from others – FlowerbombEau de Parfum. Not only does it win awards all over, but it’s also incredibly popular because its intoxicating blend of sweetness and sexiness is a hit for everyone! This Nordstrom-exclusive set includes 1.7-ounce copies of “Eau de Parfum” and 0.24-ounce bottles of two other Viktor&Rolf scents:

“Bomblicious Voluptuous Body Cream” and “Bomblicious Perfumed Body Lotion.”If you’re looking for a super-fresh scent to add to your home and wardrobe, Nordstrom is here with a few options that are sure to please.

Nest makes some of our favorite candles, and we’re not alone — the Wild Mint & Eucalyptus candle collection received praise from critics and consumers alike at 22nd Annual Consumer Choice Awards. The beautiful colors of this scented candle set come together in an intricate weaving pattern, with its intersection of wild mint and eucalyptus as the perfect wake-up call for your senses.

We particularly like Viktor&Rolf’sFlowerbombEau de Parfum; it’s been essential on our racks over the course of its career so far due to its balanced blend of sweet rose, jasmine, orchids, patchouli, vanilla, and musk. And because Nordstrom managed to get a special set just for them (1 oz/1.7 oz) that includes Bomblicious Voluptuous Body Cream (1.4oz), Bomblicious Perfumed Body Lotion (1.7oz) along with 1 oz/0.24 fl oz bottles of the original Eau de Parfum, we think you’ll find

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